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IntraHealth - Founded  by NHS professionals building on a rich legacy of over one hundred year

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    This is what we do

  • We operate our own network of NHS GP practices throughout the UK

  • We operate our own NHS community pharmacies

  • We provide a range of separate NHS clinical and medicines management services to CCGs, other general practices and other NHS bodies

  • We provide consultancy support to NHS organisations

Our Vision:

A community where every patient matters and their personal health needs are fulfilled by caring, dedicated teams and a leading innovative provider of health services.


Trusted  to provide quality health care

IntraHealth's core values: 

  1. Taking responsibility

  2. Hard working

  3. Integrity, fairness and honesty

  4. Courtesy and good manners

  5. Looking after our people by supporting development, involvement and explaining decisions

Our Priorities:

  1. Deliver a high quality of care and service to our patients

  2. Provide our staff with safe and rewarding careers

  3. Achieve success for our commissioners and the organization

Our Aims:

  1. To grow the number of people we care for by building a reputation as a trusted provider of care.

  2. To provide care to the highest standard of quality and service.

  3. To offer enjoyable and rewarding careers that maximise the potential of our staff.

  4. To contribute to the improvement of care systems through innovation and research.

  5. To run a financially secure organization that rewards hard work and commitment.