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GP Practice Support

Primary care is changing. The BMA recommends that, ‘There is real potential for practices to reduce workload and bureaucratic burden by working with other local practices in networks and collaboration, or if appropriate in formal mergers of partnerships or practices’ .

IntraHealth is well positioned to support other practices either on a formal ongoing basis or as and when support is needed. This can take a variety of forms to suit the individual circumstances. We can offer shared HR management, finance management, procurement and other back office functions with other practices. We can also offer clinical time to fill a short- term gap or to cover secondments, maternity cover etc. We can also provide management support, eg CQC preparation, advice on skill mix, information governance, health and safety, infection control.

We are flexible and approachable and more than happy to facilitate a discussion to scope any support you may require.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial discussion.