Meet our GPs

Dr Kamran Ahmed, Local Medical Director

(Kingshurst Medical Centre, West Midlands)

“At IntraHealth we support the continuous development and strengthening of primary care services.

We have a nurturing approach to staff and encourage staff to not only develop clinical but also management skills that make them fit for modern general practice. We have introduced a number of innovative models of care delivery and have had national success in procuring funding to support new ways of working.

We believe we are ahead of the cure and we strive to achieve more to ensure a primary care environment that delivers the best care for its patients and the finest working environment for our staff.”

Dr David Anderson, Organisational Medical Director

(William Brown Centre, County Durham)

“Despite major challenges facing the NHS at this time I feel the work IntraHealth are doing to develop clinical services are innovative and will enable primary care to continue, albeit the model of working for all in the community will change.

Working for IntraHealth is exciting and stimulating and I have been able to maintain a portfolio career; I work 5 clinical sessions each week, 4 sessions are allocated to my role as Organisational Medical Director and I continue to be a GP trainer.

IntraHealth have allowed me this flexibility and as part of the company principles we look to work with staff to enable them to develop additional skills and interests so they can enjoy their work with us.

Personally I feel we work well together and myself and my colleagues support working in the ‘IntraHealth way’.”