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Meet our GPs

Dr Ivan Aixala-Marcos, Lead GP and GPwSI in Substance Misuse

(Castle Health Centre, Scarborough)

“What I find positive about working for IntraHealth is the ethos of the company in different areas. From the personal relationships and care between the different teams and head office to the fact that every year we are informed of the financial result of the year and where the profit is going to be invested, which are always services to benefit the community. Since I qualified as a doctor I have always had very clear that I wanted to work with the most vulnerable people, making services accessible to those who are more deprived. For me IntraHealth philosophy matches perfectly these ideals.

Also at a professional level and working in a surgery that is geographically far from the head office and that has its own particularities, I have always felt that these particularities as a surgery have always been respected and at the same time we have always felt the backup and support from the company when needed and also encouraged to develop ourselves as individuals and as a team.

More at a personal level I feel valued and respected as an individual and also like the familiar approach when treating with the people from head office.”

Dr David Anderson, Organisational Medical Director

(William Brown Centre, County Durham)

“Despite major challenges facing the NHS at this time I feel the work IntraHealth are doing to develop clinical services are innovative and will enable primary care to continue, albeit the model of working for all in the community will change.

Working for IntraHealth is exciting and stimulating and I have been able to maintain a portfolio career; I work 5 clinical sessions each week, 4 sessions are allocated to my role as Organisational Medical Director and I continue to be a GP trainer.

IntraHealth have allowed me this flexibility and as part of the company principles we look to work with staff to enable them to develop additional skills and interests so they can enjoy their work with us.

Personally I feel we work well together and myself and my colleagues support working in the ‘IntraHealth way’.”