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Lancashire (inc. Blackburn with Darwen and Blackpool) School Aged (Immunisation Service)

Area: Immunisations

Main office address:
Croston House
Suite 16
Lancashire Business Park
PR26 6TY

Telephone: 03333 583 397 option 2

Email: contactimms@intrahealth.co.uk

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Service hours:
Monday – Friday, 8.30 – 5.00pm

Areas covered: East and Central Lancashire

Manager: Laura de Courcy Davies

IntraHealth have delivered immunisation services since 2009 and our immunisation programmes are delivered in schools which provides:

  • Easier access for children in not needing to take time out of school
  • Reducing inequalities for children living in rural areas
  • Less reliance on parents in organising GP appointments, arranging travel for children to attend GP appointment and potentially taking time off work themselves.
  • An electronic consent to its customers which offers parents and guardians a more efficient option for completing and submitting consent forms for their children / young adults.

Our experienced team have developed systems and processes to ensure that our service is accessible to all eligible children. A dedicated phone support line (with an answerphone service outside office hours) and email address is available for children, parents/carers, schools, GPs or other health professionals to contact the service about the procedure or vaccination.

Go to the main Immunisation & Vaccination page for further information.